HPDM 2006: 9th International Workshop on
High Performance and Distributed Mining
April 22, 2006

in conjunction with

Sixth International SIAM Conference on Data Mining


7.50 Opening
8.00 H. Kargupta
Data Mining in Emerging Decentralized Distributed Environments
8.30 G. Buehrer, S. Parthasarathy, A. Nguyen, D. Kim, Y.-K. Chen, and P. Dubey:
Towards Data Mining on Emerging Architectures
9.00 Keynote talk: Jiawei Han
Warehousing and Mining Massive RFID Data Sets
10.00 Coffee break
10.30 C. Giannella, H. Dutta, S. Mukherjee, and H. Kargupta:
Efficient Kernel Density Estimation Over Distributed Data
11.00 J. Pisharath, J. Zambreno, B. Ozisikyilmaz, and A. Choudhary:
Accelerating Data Mining Workloads: Current Approaches and Future Challenges in System Architecture Design
11.30 D. Talia:
Grid-based Distributed Data Mining Systems, Algorithms and Services
12.00 X. Sun, M.E. Orlowska, and X. Li:
Finding Frequent Itemsets in High-Speed Data Streams
12.30 Closing